Clubman’s Corner: cover your Kettle!

Members of the Kettle Club – which caters for Suzuki’s iconic 750 two-stroke – now benefit from a bespoke insurance scheme, specifically tailored to meet their needs…

Launched in 1971, the water-cooled inline triple established itself as a smooth, comfortable grand tourer, unique in a world dominated by identikit four-cylinder four-stroke sportsbikes. At 550lb, the GT750 was never particularly frisky but its 67bhp delivered a deceptively effortless motorway pace which could be maintained for hour after hour.

You needed to be a particular type of rider to truly appreciate the GT750, however, and it took Suzuki several attempts to tidy up the specification and address its inherent flaws. Even the most user-friendly version proved to be too idiosyncratic for the mass market, and the model went out of production after 1977.

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However, as is so often the way, two decades later the GT750 had become a sought-after classic, a quirky characterful motorcycle ideally suited for the enthusiast owner. And where there’s a following, a fan club shall rapidly form: enter the Kettle Club in 1995. Single-model clubs are unusual, even in the classic world, but it became obvious to members of the VJMC and Suzuki OC that the GT750 needed an organisation dedicated to its singular interests.

The Kettle Club aims to bring together current and prospective owners, riders who share a passion for keeping the Suzuki GT750 alive and on the road. Their activities include rallies, camping weekends and other motorcycling events; a quality, quarterly magazine; an active members’ forum, advice for potential purchasers, trustworthy specialists, technical tips for actual owners and much more. You’ll often see the club stand at shows and exhibitions, showcasing an extensive array of original spec and much-modified machines.

Now the Kettle Club also offers its own insurance scheme, via Peter James Insurance. Designed with input from club management and members, the policy provides:
•          Member to member cover: riding another club member’s classic motorcycle with fully comprehensive cover
•          Free agreed value
•          Free salvage retention
•          UK & European breakdown cover
•          Helmet and leathers cover
•          Legal expenses cover
•          Cover for tools, spare parts and accessories
•          Self-repair option

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Peter James Insurance say they are committed to supporting the future of the classic bike movement by working with organisations like the Kettle Club. They explain that club-focused initiatives like this ensure financial support for the club, whilst providing exclusive benefits that are of true value to members.   

There’s more about this specific scheme at or if you’ve decided you’re going to take the plunge and purchase a GT, see

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