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    Rickman CR750! Tasty Twins! BSA Flat-tracker! This month’s RealClassic has everything you need for running, riding and rebuilding RealClassic motorcycles.

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Café Racers en Continent

The 2019 Café Racer Festival at Montlhéry was the seventh iteration of this event and it keeps getting better, says Ian Woolley. It is a magical melange of motorcycles, music, and track rides… Motorcycles come from many genres, many generations and include modern manufactures who bring fleets of their latest offerings for you to try during accompanied test rides. Brilliant…

The Toastmaster Challenge, Part the Third

Is this any way to restore a traditional British classic bike? The story of Frank Westworth’s improbable rebuild continues. Slowly… ‘That’s an Ariel Huntmaster, that is.’ ‘What is? That pile of bits?’ ‘What pile of bits? That’s an Ariel Huntmaster, that is…’ My first Ariel, my first Huntmaster, was not in fact mine. That doesn’t mean that I didn’t ride…