Tiger Cub Book Back!

It’s been out of print for a while, but the Triumph Tiger Cub Bible is now available once again, as Mike Powell explains…

The Tiger Cub Bible is back in print from Veloce Publishing as part of their ‘classic reprint’ series. Any owner, enthusiast or rider with interest in these charismatic machines will find an answer to almost every question, however insignificant, within the pages of author Mike Estall’s exhaustive history of Triumph Terrier and Tiger Cub motorcycles.

Author Estall in his youth, learning all about Triumph’s Cubs

Now updated in its eighth reprint in paperback, the 208 pages trace and explain the whole history of the machines from their introduction in 1953 until production ceased in the mid-1960s. 160-plus illustrations and comprehensive appendices, together with specification sheets for every model produced, make this the definitive work on the subject.

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A self-confessed ‘Tiger Cub anorak, Mike Estall called it a ‘personal history’, but shared his extensive experience with everyone. Every aspect of all the various models – from the earliest Terriers to the last, Super Cub made by BSA – is covered in meticulous detail. Dates of production, colours, styling and technical improvements, worldwide markets, right down to the thread forms and dimensions used for the smallest nut, bolt and screw ever fitted – all of this information is listed.

Unfortunately now no longer with us, Mike’s knowledge and information, gathered over a lifetime and collated into this volume, is his legacy. It’s an invaluable source of information to the owner or restorer.

‘The Triumph Tiger Cub Bible’ by Mike Estall from Veloce Publishing is ISBN 1-787117-34-1 and costs £30. Available in ebook and softback formats from most booksellers and the Cub Club

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Words: Mike Powell
Images: Mike Estall / Veloce / RC RChive

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