PREVIEW: May issue of RealClassic magazine

The brand new May edition of RealClassic magazine is packed full of classic machines, tales from the shed, in-depth interviews and striking photography.


Here’s what’s coming up in the May issue:

Sunbeam B24T Competition

In between the original Marston company’s Sunbeam singles and BSA’s Sunbeam twins, there was a period when AMC built their own singular Sunbeams down in London. They’re very rare. Alan Cathcart rides one…

Royal Enfield Wallaby

Small, springy and built for life in the bush: the Wallaby is an indigenous marsupial native to Australia…and a really rather rare Royal Enfield. Rowena Hoseason reports


BSA Lightning Rocket

What could be faster than a speeding Rocket? A Lightning Rocket! Frank Westworth went out to play…


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Enjoy more RealClassic reading in the monthly magazine. Click here to subscribe.