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Ducati Stroker! Triumph 350! BMW R75/5! This month’s RealClassic has everything you need for running, riding and rebuilding RealClassic motorcycles.

As ever, this month’s issue of RealClassic magazine is packed with glorious machines, tales from the shed, in-depth interviews and striking photography.

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TRIUMPH 350 TWIN | Fond memories of a lightweight Triumph twin from the distant past encouraged Stuart Urquhart to borrow a pal’s 3TA. It looked great, started swiftly and…made a terrible racket from the top end. What’s the haps, chaps?

DUCATI STROKER | A Ducati stroker? Excuse me? Are you serious? Alan Cathcart explains a little-known endure Ducati…

NORTON NOSTALGIA | Ever endured one of those rides which goes from bad to worse to nearly unbelievable… and yet you never quite admit defeat? Paul Phillips recalls a winter excursion which almost froze the feathers off an Artic Fulmar

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BMW R75/5 | When BMW introduced their /5 range at the end of the 1960s they laid the groundwork for all the big twins which followed. Nolan Woodbury celebrates a classic airhead which never gets old.

PLUS! Pub talk; Frank’s tales from the shed and check your calendars because we have all of the best classic events coming up.

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