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If motorbike magazines played poker, then the new issue of RC would be a winner – with several singles, a trio of twins, a triple and a four. Full house, surely? Or maybe it’s bingo we’re thinking of? Either way, RC173 is stacked full of cracking classic bikes. Hit the button to start reading about traditional Brits, classic Italians and one or two really weird things…

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After climbing an extremely steep learning curve last month with his vintage single, our man is ready for his day of reckoning. Bring on the Banbury Run!

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Take a BSA A10 frame and a Harley Sportster engine. Add a custom-built sidecar chassis, a lot of engineering expertise and outright ingenuity and you have all the crucial components to build a bit of a beast. Meets a (vintage) racer of the third wheel

The restoration of this unusual little Italian is almost done. This time, the wiring is completed, the bike is registered for the road and now… does it actually run?

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A heavyweight Guzzi V-twin with automatic transmission wouldn’t be the conventional choice for a high-mileage ride on some of Canada’s roughest roads. But then, its owner is not exactly a conventional classic rider

The world’s first four-cylinder street machine was not a Honda. Alan Cathcart recounts the unusual tale of a Mammoth, a European monster of myth

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For many classic riders, Norton’s twin engine in the iconic featherbed frame is the ultimate British bike. We take a spin on a wideline Dommi that dazzles – in every respect!

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At the end of the 1950s, Royal Enfield created a competition-spec, big single, dirt-track desert scrambler. Very few Furies ever made it back to Blighty, but here’s one which has survived – and still thrives

Built by Associate Motor Cycles, the high-cam Sunbeam singles maintained many of the marque’s traditions. When one modern bike rider decided to decelerate into a more laid-back lifestyle, a 350 Sunbeam provided the perfect vehicle for his transition…

Over the years, various owners have made their mark on Mr Turner’s ubiquitous twin. This particular tourer now wears a fine set of Rodark panniers, while its engine has been given the Tiger treatment – turning it into the perfect classic tourer

PLUS! RC readers talk about Triumph Tridents, gaskets again, and building a better Beezer; Jaqueline Bickerstaff attends both the National Tramway Museum and the VMCC Festival of 1000 Bikes, and Frank Westworth curses the day that a BSA ever rolled into The Shed…

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