Ride Of My Life

In Ride of My Life, racer and writer Frank Melling tells of a few of the bikes and experiences, bad and good, that he has encountered during a lifetime of motorcycling.

Frank always tells it as he sees it in his own honest, fascinating and often humorous manner, and in a way that every motorcyclist can relate to. The subjects he covers range from the very last moments of the giant BSA factory, to being talked into competing in a French sand race.

Each chapter is written with an infectious enthusiasm through which his passion for motorcycles clearly shows. I was drawn along with this, and couldn’t put the book down.  130 pages of pure enjoyment particularly for those who love the ‘classic’ era.


If I have to find a fault to find with this book, it is that it left me wanting for more of the same. A truly great and well-illustrated read!

RC reviewer: Henry Gregson



Ride Of My Life is a full-colour, glossy A4 bookazine which runs to 132 pages. You’ll find it in bigger newsagents, or it’s available online or from 01507 529529 at £7.99 including UK delivery



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