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Apparently, it’s too soon to make the ‘winter draws on’ joke just yet, so instead we’d better tell you that RC163 is stuffed full of cracking classic bikes and interesting old motorcycles. We’ve a BMW airhead, a Moto Guzzi V-twin and an auto-dramatic Honda, as well as three late interpretations of traditional British bikes: a Triumph Bonneville, BSA Gold Star and Norton Dominator. Just not the obvious ones…
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During a quarter century and some 45,000 miles, owner Ian has refined and revised almost every aspect of his BMW 750 airhead. He reveals which upgrades have proved invaluable, and which mechanical gremlins you’d do well to avoid

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BSA’s beefy B50 is impressive enough in standard spec, but Ace Tester Miles has outdone himself with this example – perhaps the ultimate unit single…

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Ride, restore, repair or revitalise? Sometimes you can do all of these things at once but, as this pre-war single demonstrates, riding without restoring isn’t always straightforward

In a tale of two tanks (or possibly three), we discover that fortune favours the man who builds bikes out of rusty old leftovers. Mostly. Odgie’s A65 needs a petrol tank, and the Cosmic Supply Co does its stuff

RC regular Steve Hodgson was looking for a classic alternative to the modern super scooter. He found it in the form of Honda’s automatic for the people

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Many old bikes apparently ‘just need recommissioning’. But what exactly does that involve? Nolan Woodbury returns a laid-up 1980 Spada 1000 to the road, and suggests techniques and tips to help revitalise Guzzi’s two-valve big twins

Everyone loves 650 twins. Everyone loves Norton’s featherbed frame. Surely this twin-carb 650 should be the ultimate Norton Dominator? Frank Westworth tackles a thorny issue

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A lifelong British bike enthusiast needed an inexpensive old bike to see the sights of Blackpool, and a 1950s Enfield single fit the bill. Then he discovered that he also needed some sparks…

The oil-in-frame 650 Bonnie can cost half the price of an earlier T120R incarnation. But does that mean the later model is only half as good? Paul Henshaw of Performance Classics takes one for a quick spin to find out

PLUS! PUB visits the Kop Hill hillclimb, RC readers award service stars to top-notch traders, a Tiger 100 gets an alternative electrical solution, we consider Sunbeams and Beemers, and Frank Westworth preps his winter wheels.

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COVER PHOTO and the Norton 650SS photoset by Chris Dickinson



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