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RC160 rolls off the production line and this month’s magazine covers more than half a century of classic motorcycling, with tall tales about Continental classics from Italy, Germany and Denmark, plus a selection of brilliant British bikes, and the Japanese interpretation of the trad big Brit single. Here’s exactly what’s inside the issue – available in print or digital formats…

BMW R80, Part Two
A ‘bargain’ eBay buy turned out to have more than minor mechanical gremlins but the new owner was not disheartened. While the gearbox was being rebuilt he got stuck into the electrics and engine breather arrangements

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BSA’s Bantam was pretty long in the beak by the time it reached its D14/4 incarnation in 1968. But the Sports version of the 175 is one of the best featherweights, and makes for a great ‘first classic’

The start of a long series in which Odgie gets completely hooked on the notion of ‘Go Fast, Turn Left’. He needed to build a suitable dirt-track scrambler, and this is how he came to choose an A65 unit construction 650 twin for his project

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Honda’s 500 single is VMCC eligible, starts on the button and suits its owner right down to its easy-clean Comstar wheels. But will to do the ton, that’s the question…

The start of a short series in which this vintage sidevalve V-twin receives a rapid engine overhaul, and we learn where it’s been since 1940 or so

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The Morini Riders’ Club did something pretty special to celebrate their 40th anniversary, and unleashed this 3½ Strada on the world for their members to enjoy. Before that could happen, it needed to be prepped and fettled well enough to withstand a couple of years of rigorous use…

The first of this month’s oddball-but-brilliant bikes, this 750 four boasts the peculiar combination of overhead cams and exposed valve springs. Yet the antique Danish motorcycle inspires a devoted following and excellent spare parts and specialist services

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You know those technical tales where everything goes perfectly to plan, where the bike being fettled fires up first kick and heads for the horizon without a hitch? This is not one of those stories, but then, few things are seldom straightforward with BSA’s idiosyncratic ohc inline twin

PLUS! We go behind the scenes with a farewell performance from the Royal Signals Motorcycle Display Team, aka the White Helmets; tour Scotland with a gang of aging reprobates riding small-capacity old British bikes; join Frank Westworth in The Shed as he considers the ones which got away (and the one which didn’t), and accompany Jacqueline Bickerstaff on her annual Banbury battle with the Bollée…

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