VMCC Training Days – Vintage Volunteers Required!

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Do you own a vintage motorcycle? Would you like to encourage other classic bike enthusiasts to try something a little older and more interesting than the usual post-war parallel twins? If so, the VMCC need your help…

The VMCC have asked us to spread the word among owners of vintage motorcycles. They’re looking for more machines to be used on their increasingly popular Training Days. The plan is, as in previous years, to allow riders to try pre-war machines in controlled circumstances and with tuition from owners. This really helps to keep interest in very old bikes alive, introducing new riders to the vintage scene. It’s one thing to spectate at the Banbury or Pioneer Runs, but the experience of actually riding a pre-war machine is unbeatable and extremely hard to come by in normal circumstances.

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For anyone interested in riding a really old bike, there are three chances to try your hand at riding a pre-war motorcycle this summer. The VMCC’s Training Days. offer riders the opportunity to experience the type of machine that they might not normally get the chance to ride. Owners of 1920s and 1930s hand-change machines will be available to give instruction to those willing to brave lever throttles and tank-mounted gear levers. Each area of the country is catered for with one event in Berkshire, another in Scotland and one in the Midlands. The entry fee is £26 to ride at least 10 different vintage machines.

James Hewing, CEO of the VMCC, thinks the Training Days are a brilliant way to introduce people to the joys of really old motorcycles. ‘In this way we can help to ensure that the oldest machines are learned about, preserved and most importantly, used by a new generation of motorcyclists.’

However, to meet the demand (the Training Days have trebled in size in as many years) the VMCC will need more bikes and owners to take part. So if you can help, please get in touch with James at the VMCC. Your costs in travelling to and from the venue will be covered, and you’ll be helping to encourage a new generation of riders into vintage saddles.

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'Are you sure the sign for 'Cockleford' is eligible for the Norton Challenge...'

For riders, places are limited and early booking is essential. One day membership will be available for non-VMCC members at a cost of £3. Entry forms are available from 01283 540557 or see www.vmcc.net

Training Day South: Sunday 2nd May 2010, Arborfield Barracks, near Reading

Training Day North/Scotland: Sunday 23rd May 2010, Grampian Transport Museum, Alford, Aberdeenshire

Training Day Midlands: Monday 31st May (Bank Holiday) 2010, Curborough, near Litchfield

If you’re not sure whether you’re feeling brave enough to have a go, then have a look at the Dec09 and Jan10 issues of RealClassic magazine. Claire Leavey had never ridden a vintage machine before and we sent her to discover life with a TT Triumph and a 1914 Invicta. You can see how she fared before taking the plunge yourself…

No wonder Claire is smiling; she set off from that black and white bollard more than two hours ago..

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