Virtual Classic Motorcycle Show


An online concours competition has been launched for Triumph Tiger Cubs and Terriers. Regular RC readers will recognise one of the judges…

The Cub Mag is hosting an online concours competition, open to all models of Triumph Cub and Terrier, so that’s T15 and T20 machines only. There are six classes for these petite singles, and competitors can enter into as many classes as they choose. All entries are submitted by email with various prizes across the different categories. So there’s no good reason not to enter this particular show: it’s not like you’d have to trailer the bike to the event, or can’t get a pass out from the missus, or can’t ride all that way in the wet. This is a concours competition for all those folks who don’t necessarily like shows!


The ‘Best Concours Cub or Terrier’ class will be decided by Cub expert Mike Estall, author of the excellent Tiger Cub Bible. Rowena Hoseason of this parish will be judging the ‘Best Non-Standard Cub or Terrier’ and the winner of that class will have the option to have his or her Cub or Terrier featured on, as part of the prize. Other classes include ‘Best Restoration Project’, ‘Best Get You Home / Quick Fix’, the ‘Best Trials Cub or Terrier’ and ‘Best Competition’ machine.

Louise's award winning cub. In the background is her award winning stalker. Probably...

Entrants will need to submit three (nice!) photos of the machine – not images taken down a coal mine at midnight, please. There are fairly strict rules for each category – all explained in perfect detail on the Cub Mag site. For the class we’re sponsoring, the Non-Standard category, all bikes must be road legal and should have been out on the roads at least once a year. To help the judges, entrants are asked to supply some extra details too – like what mods have proved most successful (and which ones haven’t), together with a little bit of history about the bike. And don’t forget basic information including the model, age, length of ownership, etc.


And here's a younger Mike Estall, yesterday...


‘Classic’ Triumphs on ..

See below for Tiger Cubs on sale…

Prizes for winners include useful services for Cub owners (like dating certificates), T-shirts, magazine subscriptions, vouchers to be spent with specialist parts suppliers, and so on.

So do you have a Tiger Cub lurking in the corner which deserves its moment in the spotlight? Or a terrier of which you are inordinately proud? Hop over to to see the full instructions about how to enter your bike for an award, and then get busy cleaning, polishing and taking pretty photos. The competition is only open for a limited duration, so don’t take too long about it…

And finally, a Triumph Terrier...


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