Petrol Tank Cleaning and Sealing

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The sticky business of cleaning and re-sealing fuel tanks can be tricky to get right first time, especially as there are so many cleaners and sealants now on the market. Ian Potter of Tank Care Products shares some of his expertise with us…

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I have sold many thousands of these kits and coated many tanks myself for customers, there will always be a small percentage that are not successful. Tank Care Products was formed as part of Precision Motorcycle Paintwork, way back in 2000. The products used have been developed by consultation with major coatings manufacturers, and ongoing testing in my workshop.

The Sureseal coating is a top of the range Phenol Epoxy, which is resistant to 100% proof ethanol fuel. As anyone will tell you, quality always costs a bit more, and this is no exception. Epoxy prices have risen hugely over the last two years, but we have kept our prices the same.

In my Norfolk workshop, I always have a selection of tanks that have been sent to me for either stripping failed coatings and re-coating with Sureseal, or for a complete tank overhaul, including repairs and paint. I have had to remove many different types of coatings from tanks, and it is important to select the correct solvents for the job. As a guide to which solvents for which coatings, I detail here:

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  • Hard Epoxy Coatings: Petseal, Cream, POR15, GTS 1750, Flowliner, use our standard remover.

  • Flexible Coatings: PR1005L, Petseal Ultra, Aircraft tank Sealant, Slosh, use our flexible sealant remover.

    Cleanliness is paramount when coating a tank, as the coating will not bond to rust, grease, old paint, or old sealants. Our four-stage cleaning process gets a tank prepared for the Sureseal Epoxy Coating.

  • Epoxy Sealant Remover – turns old coatings into small flakes, which can be shaken out on the tank when dry.

  • Rust Remover – An acid based Rust Remover, which will turn all surface rust back to grey metal.

  • TP1 Detergent – A powerful non corrosive detergent, for neutralising the Rust Remover, and also for removing stale fuel and gum.

  • TP2 Tank Prep – an alcohol rinse, which will remove TP2 and any surface moisture, prior to coating with Sureseal.

    Sureseal is available in 250ml, 500ml, and 750ml so you only buy as much as you need. It is a 2 part kit which coats your tank with a cream coloured, smooth finish.

    Some leak-free bottles, yesterday.

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    Kits are available with a saving of 20% off individual prices. Advice is free, and I am always available for help if you need it. If a customer needs extra products to complete a job, these are always discounted. And if a job that I have done has a problem, I always put it right.

    Tank Care Products: 07834 415921


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