Opinion: How do I love thee? Let me count the ways

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A while back, RealClassic message board regular Martyn(CB750) pondered on his love of classic motorcycles of all shapes and sizes. We thought it was worth repeating…

My wife thinks I’m mad having so many bikes – how can I possibly justify them all?

So I started to think about it…

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I love the easy heartbeat of a long-stroke fifties single – a constant reminder that the bike is my companion as the miles slip by.

1950 BSA B33

I love the throaty roar of a parallel twin, echoing back between tall buildings – at once I feel like a rocker; which way to the beach?

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I love the full orchestra of a four-stroke triple, engulfing me in a range of harmonics as the tacho pulls right round the dial, then into the next gear and it all happens again.

Down behind the fairing bubble, I love the goosebumps on my neck when an in-line four rockets towards the horizon with a shriek like tearing fabric.

I love the urgency, the howl and the smooooth power delivery of a two-stroke multi.

I love the ‘hammers of hell’ drumbeat of a big ninety-degree vee-twin on meggas – it doesn’t just proceed down the road; it attacks it.

Ducati SD900 Darmah

I love the lithe flickability of a sporting lightweight.

On a blustery day, with a long distance to go, I love the armchair comfort and steadying mass of an early Jap heavyweight.

On a dark night, miles from home, I even love the reassuring drone of an early Honda four.

Sometimes I love the quiet satisfaction of a solo ride.

Other times, I love the cheerful company of fellow riders.

Getting into classic bikes 5 years ago was the best thing I ever did. Through RealClassic and the VMCC, I have had so many new experiences and met so many people – long may it continue!

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Honda CB750K0

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