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Odgie goes into sepia mode with his new T-shirts, while Wemoto introduce a magnetic widget for your workshop…

Spiffy T-Shirts from Odgie ‘Imself

That inveterate bike builder and occasional T-shirt purveyor Odgie has sent us details (and even a free sample, thank you) of his favourite T-shirt design. As he puts it, ‘I call this design the Psycho Bobber, because of the mad eyes, but really it’s the design for Gnome Rhone motorcycles of France which I unashamedly purloined off the web. Still the design dates back to 1919, so I’m not too worried about copyright issues.’


Mmm, not sure we support that sort of nefarious activity. Still, he’s got away with it so far. ‘I’ve been doing the design in white on black and black on grey for a few years now, but seeing as how I’m going through a sepia phase, I did one in cream on brown, and liked it so much I started offering it for sale.’

Shirts are available either by visiting (be warned, not for the faint-hearted) and clicking on Stuff For Sale, or this link will take you directly to the page (and the same warning applies). Or the other option is to just put either Bobber T-shirt or Anthill T-shirt into the , then click on ‘See other items’.

Like it never went away...


All the designs are professionally screen printed on high quality cotton shirts, and also include two from the late-lamented Anthill Custom Cycles, Odgie’s infamous and legendary bike building business of a few years ago. Shirts are available in Large, XL and XXL, and sometimes in Medium as well, and cost a surprisingly measly £8.99, plus £2 P&P. As the man himself says, ‘They’re inexpensive, but they’re not cheap.’

If you buy one or more of these Tees, and so help the man survive a little while longer, you’ll be able to use the legendary phrase, ‘Done that, got the T-shirt…’

Where’s My Washers?

You know how nuts, bolt, washers and wotnots can disappear into alternative dimensions while you’re busy spannering? You take off the fittings, put them carefully to one side, jiggle the replacement component into position and within two minutes half the washers and wotnots have evaporated into thin air. Or rolled across the garage floor and gotten wedged under the workbench. Or been eaten by the cat.

Like it never went all over the floor...

Wemoto have the solution to this situation in the shape of their magnetic parts tray. available in two sizes.

Powerful magnets on the underside of the magnetic parts tray secures the tray itself to any ferrous surface, whilst also securing any nuts, bolts and other ferrous fixings that might otherwise be scattered from a displaced conventional container.

A rubber coating on the underside of the tray helps to prevent it marking a painted or finished surface, and also stops the tray from sliding around when it is placed on a non-ferrous surface.

Old School on Right Now…

The small version of the tray cost just £4.19 plus delivery from That seems like a very reasonably price to pay to keep your delicate parts in the right place…


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