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Would you like to go along to the world’s leading classic bike show for FREE? We’re giving away six pairs of tickets to the 27th International Classic Motorcycle Show, and here’s how you can win them…

Last time we did a beano ticket giveaway, it was for magazine subscribers only. So this time, to be fair, the competition is for online readers (that’s you, by the way). The how-to-win bit is further down – first of all you have to read all the stuff about how wonderful the show is going to be. It’s to make you all excited, or something. Certainly makes us excited. We’re very excited, and the show is still six weeks away. Lord knows how excited we’ll be by April 28th and 29th 2007, when we come to set up the RealClassic Roadshow in the Sandylands Hall at the Show. Anyway, on with the puff…

Preparations for the 27th International Classic MotorCycle Show, held at Stafford County Showground over 28-29th April 2007, continue to gather pace with many unusual bikes and a fantastic number of new clubs coming forward to take part. The Vincent Owners Club promise, as ever, a fine selection of the famous Stevenage-built machines, plus an added interest will be the recently completed 2006 Black Shadow replica, built entirely from new club spares scheme-supplied parts. (Oh, and we featured this bike already, so you can read more about it here).

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The BSA Rocket Gold Star Owners Club will feature an impressive 13-strong line up of the 650cc twins, including an American spec 1962 Spitfire Scrambler. Elsewhere, you can re-live the days of ‘sixteener special’ mopeds on the Sports Moped Club stand, with Garellis, Gileras, Fantics and of course Yamaha’s famous Fizzie – garish colours and metal-flake paint will abound!

The Malmesbury Club, which has something of a reputation for going that extra mile with regard to club stand presentation, has another spectacular line-up planned, this time celebrating the centenary of the TT – Nortons, Hondas, Yamahas, Rudges plus a NUT and a BSA sidecar outfit are among the contrasting competition machines promised.

The Malmesbury Boys are normally quite near the RC stand, by the by, also in the Sandylands Hall, and they usually ‘help’ us to carry in the magazines on the Friday night. ‘Helping’ seems to involve lots of guffawing and shouting but considerably better language than that of Tony Surby from AMC Spares, who isn’t normally near us but somehow manages to be rude to us all the same.

There’ll be a TT theme on the Velocette Owners Club stand too, with the Velocette Thruxtons which finished first and second in the 1967 500cc Production TT both represented. The runner-up – ridden by Keith Heckles – is still essentially original, while all that remains of the Neil Kelly’s winner is the engine, which has been built into a complete machine.

The show will also be entertaining for the first time The Caiman Club, who are crossing the channel from Dunkirk, bringing some nice continental machines including a rare 1929 Terrot.

Exhibition Manager Nick Mowbray (who is the jolly nice man who gave us the compo tickets, and who let us back into the hall at closing time last year when we’d left the passes on the stand and it could’ve been a complete disaster but it wasn’t so we won’t hear a word against him, no) said ‘The line-up for 2007 looks outstanding. With famous TT Legends as our Guests of Honour and a new Dirt Bike Hall, we are sure traders and visitors will be looking forward to the show as much as we are.’

FS1E Stuff on

If you do bring your Zeppelin, watch out for those cross-braces on the ceiling...

The 27th International Classic Motorcycle Show is on 28th & 29th April 2007 at the Stafford County Showground, Weston Road, Stafford, Staffordshire ST18 0BD. It opens from 9am to 5pm on Saturday and Sunday, and admission is Adult £8.50, Senior Citizen £6.50, Child 7-15 years £2, up to 7 years free. Camping costs £3 per night. You can prebook discount tickets by calling 01507 529529, but you don’t need to because here (finally!) is the competition…

To win a pair of FREE tickets to the 2007 27th International Classic MotorCycle Show at Stafford, simply send in the answer to this question BY POST and include a stamped, self-addressed envelope. (Yes, that is because we are too mean to pay for the postage. But we won’t let the SAE go to waste; if you don’t win the tickets then we’ll send you an RC sticker. OK?). It’s multiple choice, so you really shouldn’t have too much trouble getting it right. Unless your primary language is Urdu, or something.

Q: The RealClassic stand at the Stafford Show will be located:

A: In the Sandylands Hall, close to the edge of forever and a darned long walk from the coffee vendors

B: Somewhere near Stoke on Trent. Or is it Outer Mongolia?

C: In the main hall, directly opposite the main door where everyone can see us as soon as they walk in and have pockets full of cash to spend on magazines (oh ho ho ho, my we do like a good joke, don’t we, etc)

Send in the correct answer (to PO Box 66, Bude EX23 9ZX, UK) and an SAE by Friday the 13th of April (couldn’t resist that date). The winning tickets will sent out on Monday 16th April 2007 so you should have them by the end of that week, in plenty of time for the show on the 28/29th.

And if you and a mate do get in for free, then the very least you could do is spring for a cup of coffee (white no sugar) or a bottle of water (still not sparkling) for us poor hard-working types who’ll be slaving away on the stand…


A ticket, yesterday.

PS. We would’ve run a picture of the tickets so you could see what you might be winning, but we dare not, in case some scheming beast downloads the image (all of 500 pixels wide and at screen resolution) and somehow creates a believable forgery from it and so sells zillions of fake tickets on ebay, or something. No, really. We got a bit of a telling off on this score, so don’t you go getting us into trouble…

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