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Time to fire up your classic bike and ride out to the first shows of the new season. Here’s how you can save money on admission at both Malvern and Ardingly in March…

If you pay any attention to the nuts-and-bolts of the show circuit (and there really isn’t any need for you do give it a moment’s thought, but plenty of RCers like to know about what goes on behind the scenes) then you may know that Andrew Greenwood bowed out of several of his shows at the end of last year, passing them onto other organisers. That’s because Andrew is now hosting a gigantinormously posh Classic Car Show at London’s Alexandra Palace, and he’s barely got time to blow his nose, never mind scuttling up and down the country every other weekend.

However, he has kept the Malvern Shows in his portfolio – and we’re delighted that Mrs Elk (aka Julie Diplock) has taken over both Ardingly events. As well as being a regular RC advertiser, Mrs Elk has been a subscriber since Issue Two – so she certainly deserves our support while she gets to grips with the Ardingly events.

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We’ll be offering a new prize at each of these Shows, for the Best RC Clubman’s Bike. To qualify for that prize you’ll need to enter your bike for either Ardingly or Malvern and display it next to the RealClassic stand – and here’s how you do just that…

RealClassic At Malvern: Sunday March 11th 2007

In keeping with Andrew’s expansion (we mean his events, not his waistline), the Malvern RealClassic Bike Show will be run alongside a super-duper extra event, Malvern Retro. This is a show and spares day for pre-1960 automobiles, and includes an auction of both classic cars and bikes. That’s on top of the usual bikejumble, trade stalls, club stands and classic motorcycle concours competition with prizes in over a dozen classes. Effectively it’s two-events-in-one, and admission on the gate is normally £6 for all adults, £2 for kids.

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RC CLUB MEMBERS SAVE: If you are a RealClassic magazine subscriber then you should wave your little blue membership card when you pay on the gate, and Andrew’s trusty helpers will let you in for a fiver, thus saving a quid on the standard price. You should then proceed to the coffee stall, spend the £1 you saved on a white-no-sugar brew, and deliver it to the RC Crew inside the hall!

SHOW YOUR BIKE & SAVE EVEN MORE: If you’d like to enter your classic for the concours at Malvern, and can do so before Feb 28th, then you’ll get a pass which gives you an even bigger discount on the gate. Call 01484 452002 to enter your bike, or Email Andrew to enter the Malvern Show and if you’d like it to be part of the RealClassic display then tell Andrew when you enter

SELL YOUR BIKE AT AUCTION: If you’d like to enter your bike for the sale, then contact the auction house direct on 01584 811118

The Malvern Show is on Sunday March 11th 2007, and starts at 10am. You’ll find it at the Three Counties Showground, Malvern, eight miles from J2 off M50.


Special prize for any Morini Camel riders who also bring a real camel with them on the day. Probably.

RealClassic At Ardingly: Sunday March 25th 2007

The South of England RealClassic Bike Show takes place at Ardingly which is about 15 minutes ride from Gatwick Airport. If you came to this event a few years back then you’ll be relieved to know that we don’t spend the day in a cow shed any more, but instead we lounge in luxury in the bright and shiny, heated new hall. Mrs Elk aims to pull in some new traders and clubs who you may not have seen at Ardingly before, and we can normally rely upon the local AMC and BSA boys to bring along some stunningly shiny machines.

Free BikeMart! BikeMart is Innocent!

RC CLUB MEMBERS SAVE: Show your RC Club card on the gate and you’ll only pay the OAP rate instead of the full admission charge.

SHOW YOUR BIKE & GET IN FOR FREE: (yes, FREE!). If you’d like to enter your classic for the concours at Ardingly, and can do so before March 5th, then you’ll get a pass which will let you in for absolutely NOTHING.

Call 01797 344277 or email Mrs Elk to enter your bike, and if you’d like it to be part of the RealClassic display then tell Mrs Elk when you enter. Even if your bike doesn’t win a concours award, Mrs Elk gives all exhibitors a handsome, commemorative souvenir – one which will sit rather splendidly in the shed!

GARAGE CLEARANCE WELCOME: If you got a pile of priceless parts (or perhaps a stack of scruffy spares) then Mrs Elk reckons you should drag them out and ‘get them back into circulation – maybe help to get someone else back on the road.’ So she’s offering shed clearance stalls for just a tenner (and that includes your admission to the event, too, so it’s a real snip).

This isn’t for regular jumblers or established traders – just for folk who’ve got left over and unwanted parts going begging. It’s much easier than selling them through eBay – no need to wrap ’em up or post them! Call 01797 344277 to reserve a car-boot sized stall.

The bright and shiny, heated new hall, yesterday.

BSA Stuff on eBay.co.uk

The Ardingly Show is on Sunday March 25th 2007 and starts at 10am. You’ll find it at the South of England Showground near Gatwick, on the B2028.

And don’t forget that THE CLOCKS GO FORWARD on the night before the 25th…

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