'Magnetic Speedometer Repair' by Graham Blighe

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This book promises ‘the definitive guide to the repair and calibration of Smiths magnetic speedos and tachos’ so you can ‘fix it yourself and never have to pay or wait for repairs again.’ An intrepid RC reader put it to the test…

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After several well-known repairers had told me that they only worked on chronometric type speedometers, I decided to buy the book called ‘Magnetic Speedometer Repair’ by author Graham Blighe and have a go myself.

Graham’s book is very comprehensive and easy to follow. Wisely I digested the contents over several evenings to familiarise myself with all aspects of the repair I was about to undertake. This was to prove worthwhile and confidence inspiring.

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I started with my Tiger 100S rev counter which had been wildly jumping around the dial, with the top spindle bearing oscillating from side to side. Following the book instructions to the letter, I was completely successful and now have a rev counter that works as Smiths Industries had intended.

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The most delicate operation was handling the tiny concave thrust washers that author Graham reckons if breathed on will fly off into oblivion. So if you have hands like big bunches of bananas then get the wife to handle these miniscule, concave thrust washers.

The only other challenge is getting the chrome bezel off and on. If you have ever removed a motorcycle tyre then you’ll know that a little amount of action with the tyre levers each time makes the job easier and brings eventual success. Similarly, don’t rush removing the chrome bezel! Just follow Graham’s instructions and only prize a little bit of the rim at a time.

Graham’s book has helped me successfully repair something I would normally never attempt. So I can recommend it to anyone with a little mechanical knowledge to have a go for themselves.

You will be surprised at what you can achieve if you follow Graham’s informative and easy to digest book. Even if you do not attempt a speedometer or tachometer repair, it is a great read and a welcome addition to your motorcycle bookshelf.

RC Reviewer: Dave Blanchard

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‘Magnetic Speedometer Repair’ by Graham Blighe is an 80-page large format softback with 50 illustrations, which costs £12.95 from: www.lulu.com/product/paperback/ magnetic-speedometer-repair


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