Crimbo Quiz – Answers to The TT

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1/ The first motorcycle TT in the IOM was held in 1907 on the St Johns course. It later transferred to the Mountain Course. In what year did this happen?

Answer: 1911

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2/ Which rider completed the first 100mph lap in 1957?

Answer: Bob McIntyre.

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3/ Joey Dunlop almost didn’t make it to the 1985 TT. Why?

Answer: He was shipwrecked.

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4/ What is the name of the mountain on the highest part of the course?

Answer: Snaefell

5/ How long is the modern TT course? (Imperial)

Answer: Thirty seven and three quarter miles.

6/ What is the name of the particularly famous jump over a small bridge in a village?

Answer: Ballaugh Bridge.

7/ What obstacle in the road do the riders face at the Bungalow?

Answer: Tram lines.

8/ Which Japanese manufacturer formed their race team specifically to win at the TT?

Answer: Honda

9/ The 2001 event was cancelled. Why?

Answer: Foot & Mouth

10/ With which team did Tarquinio Provini achieve most of his TT wins: Benelli, Honda, Gilera or MV Agusta?

Answer: MV Agusta

11/ In which year did Joey Dunlop not score a hat-trick of TT wins: 1985, 2000, 1983, or 1988?

Answer: 1983

12/ For how many years did Carl Fogerty’s TT lap record stand: 4, 7, 5 or 8?

Answer: 7

13/ What make of engine was used by Terry Vinnecombe to win the 1968 750cc Sidecar TT ?

Answer: BSA A65

14/ Ray Amm won three TT races on which make of bike: MV Agusta, Velocette, Norton or Honda?

Answer: Norton

15 Ten times TT winner Stanley Woods would bring the boy scouts a treat at the TT. What was the treat: chocolate, sherbet, toffee or cookies?

Answer: toffee.

16/ Ian Hutchinson won five TT races in the 2010 TT. Apart from the sidecar TT there was one class he didn’t compete in, which was it?

Answer: Zero TT

17/ John Surtees was the first person to win a world championship on 2 & 4 wheels. How many TT races did he win: 2, 6, 9 or 4?

Answer: 6

18/ Dave Molyneux has won 14 sidecar TT races. When did he achieve his first one?

1985, 1989, 1987 or 1988

Answer: 1989

19/ A third TT course made its debut in 1954 and held its last TT race in 1959, what was the name of this course?

Answer: The Clypse Course

20/ / Which rider stopped at Creg Ny Baa in the 1968 TT to ask who was winning?

Answer: Bill Ivy whilst leading the 125TT having set a record lap of 100.32 mph. Bill was riding to team orders which dictated that Phil Read would be the winning rider.


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