Crimbo Quiz – Answers to Classic Bike Trivia

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21/ The first motorcycle was created by who?

(A) Gottlieb Daimler in 1885, (B) Thomas Edison in 1881, (C) Michel Eugene Werner in 1897 or (D) Leonardo Da Vinci in 1503

Answer: (A) Gottlieb Daimler.

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22/ What kind of motorcycle did Arnold Schwarzenegger ride in the movie Terminator 2?

(A) Kawasaki Ninja, (B) Honda Valkyrie, (C) Harley-Davidson Fat Boy or (D) Ducati Monster?

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Answer: (C) Harley-Davidson Fat Boy

23/ Honda’s first true motorcycle was built in 1950. What was it called?

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(A) Helix, (B) Elsinore, (C) Monkey or (D) Dream?

Answer: (D) Dream

24/ What is the name of the motorcycle gang in the 1953 film the Wild One starring Marlon Brando?

(A) The Black Rebels Motorcycle Club, (B) The Polecats, (C) The Sage Valley Motorcycle Racers, or (D) The Rottwheelers ?

Answer: (A) The Black Rebels Motorcycle Club

25/ Who makes the Royal Star Venture?

(A) Yamaha, (B) Aprilia, (C) Suzuki or (D) BSA?

Answer: (A) Yamaha

26/ Which of these is not a type of motorcycle?

(A) Bobber, (B) Chopper, (C) Dipper or (D) Springer?

Answer: (D) Dipper

27/ When AMC were designing the OHC P10 engine a reed valve was proposed as a crankcase breather. Why was this idea rejected?

(A) too expensive to modify the crankcases, (B) Yamaha had the design rights to reed valve technology, (C) Oil leaked past filling the primary chain case, or (D) It made a noise like a fart?

Answer: (D) When the bike was presented to the directors for approval, on starting, the reed valve made a noise like a fart, causing much embarrassment.

28/ In the 1969 film Easy Rider, what is the character played by Peter Fonda called?

(A) Bucky, (B) Captain America, (C) Ghost Rider or (D) Billy?

Answer: (B) Captain America

29/ The famous TE Lawrence was killed in 1935 whilst riding what make of motorcycle?

(A) BSA, (B) Brough Superior, (C) Norton or (D) The Famous James?

Answer: (B) Brough Superior

30/ Which singer had a hit record in the 1964 with a motorcycle based song called Terry?

Answer: Lynne Annette Ripley or ‘Twinkle’. She retired in 1966 at the age of 18

31/ Jawa motorcycles are made in which country?

(A) Czechoslovakia, (B) France, (C) Spain or (D) Switzerland?

Answer: (A) Czechoslovakia

32/ In 2003 what did Harley-Davidson celebrate?

(A) launch of a new logo, (B) Willie G Davidson’s 65th birthday, (C) 100th anniversary of the company or (D) the first Dyna Glide?

Answer: (C) 100th anniversary of the company.

33/ What band released the biker anthem Born to be Wild?

(A) Cream, (B) Credence Clearwater Revival, (C) Steppenwolf or (D) The Who?

Answer: (C) Steppenwolf.

34/ What is the name of London’s famous classic biker hangout?

(A) The Ace Café, (B) The Kick Stand, (C) The Iron Horse Saloon or (D) The Holiday House?

Answer: (A) The Ace Café.

35/ What is the name of the trophy Mike Hailwood was awarded that has also been held by Richard Branson, Amy Johnson and Donald Campbell?

(A) The Americas Cup, (B) Claret Jug, (C) Eglinton Trophy or (D) The Segrave Trophy?

Answer: (D) Segrave Trophy.

36/ What make of machine did John Cooper ride when he famously beat Giacomo Agostini twice in 1971?

(A) Triumph Trident, (B) Seeley Matchless, (C) Yamaha TZ 350 or (D) BSA Rocket 3 ?

Answer: (D) BSA Rocket 3


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