Shetland Via The Wilds

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Classic Bike News

In the world of classic motorcycles at the moment, Lampy need your help to ride to Lerwick; Jim Redman will be at Darley Moor next year; Harris pipes are back for Big Zeds; the sun shines in the New Forest, and we have a solution for club magazine editors who may be tearing their hair out…

Graham Lampkin needs your assistance to plan an off-road route from Lancashire to Shetland. He says: ‘I’m going to the Shetland Classic Vehicle Show in June 2014, on a classic bike, using all the off-road (green lanes and tracks) that I can find. At the same time I’m raising money for Cancer Research UK. I need you to tell me of the legal greenroads in England and tracks that I can get permission to use in Scotland, so that I may plot into the route from home in Colne, Lancs to Aberdeen. If the run is a success you may read about it in RealClassic, if not I’ll be sulking under a rock somewhere secret…’

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If you know of any useful routes, do pop along to Graham’s site and give him the details:

Calling All Clubmen

Does your owners’ club or enthusiast group produce a regular magazine, newsletter or booklet? Are you perhaps the lucky chap (or chapess or otherwise) who edits and administers your club’s publication? In either case, the people who publish RealClassic might be able to save you a shilling or two and take some of the stress out of the situation.

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In fact, that’s exactly what happened with RC. Once upon a time, Frank and Rowena used to do all the print and paper sourcing, label printing (the laser printer started sulking after 200,000 sheets and still ain’t happy), box handling (there were an awful lot of boxes. Every month), back issue storage (still got a shedfull come to think of it), liaison with Royal Mail (oh, what a joy that was), delivery to the sorting office, and every other single job yea unto seeking out the cheapest polythene envelopes in the land, inserting magazines into them by hand, and littering the entire house with wee blue tear-off strips.

Fun? Only for the first four or five years. Then it got a bit old.

These days, Mortons handle all that stuff, allowing the F&R (aka The Cosmic Bike Company in case you’d somehow missed that) to concentrate on the interesting aspects of making the magazine each month. Words. Pictures. Motorcycles!

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So if you are involved in the production of your club’s publication, then a similarly splendid arrangement might free up time for you or other committee members and volunteers – and even save your club some cash in the process. Mortons’ services don’t just cover magazine printing and mailing, but also extend to posters, calendars, event programmes, leaflets and the like. Certainly worth contacting print and mailing manager Lorraine at [email protected] or 01507 529256 for a quote.

Thundersprint Welcomes Jim Redman Again

Six times world champion and TT winner Jim Redman will lead a galaxy of classic motorcycling stars at next year’s Darley Moor Thundersprint, which will be held over the weekend of May 10/11, 2014. Jim has been a regular at the last 15 Thundersprints and says; ‘I look forward to every single Thundersprint because it is the only event in the year where I actually race – if only against the clock.’

Left at the end of the straight. You can't miss it.

The event moves to Darley Moor next year, and after viewing the circuit Redman says; ‘it looks a really great little track and just so much fun to ride. The setting is beautiful too and it will make a fantastic venue for a world class event like the Thundersprint.’

Further details about the 2014 Thundersprint from 01928 740498.

Get A Grip!

Wemoto now stock universal medium/soft handlebar grips from Italian racing specialist WRP. These high-quality handlebar grips are ergonomically designed with a half-waffle (steady: that’s not the edible sort of waffle, you understand. Back away from the maple syrup immediately!) pattern for a secure, non-slip grip. The special base-rubber compound is not only more durable than many other rubber grips on the market, it also absorbs vibration and so reduces fatigue and cramp.

WRP handlebar grips can be purchased with a quick click at for just £9.80 per pair plus delivery, or call 01273 597 072.

Hot Pipes

The Harris Works Collection have reintroduced exhaust systems with a black chrome finish to suit classic Japanese superbikes of the 1970s and 1980s. Harris developed the original systems with the primary aim of improving ground clearance (nothing at all to do with making a lot of noise. Oh no), which in theory provides a significant benefit to owners who’ve upgraded their machines with modern tyres and suspension that allow them to explore the limits of the bike’s handling. Just remember they’re still running 1970’s brakes, boys.

To create a black chrome finish, the chemical compounds used in the plating process are altered to impart the black tint to the final chrome plate. This is a complex and time-consuming process, so all HWC exhausts are manufactured and finished in the same production plant in the UK to ensure quality control.

Klassic Kawasakis on ..

HWC black chrome systems are currently available to fit the Kawasaki Z650, Z900, Z1, Z1000 and GPz1100 as well as Suzuki’s GS1000. Fitting the 4-into-1 systems can restrict direct access to filters and drain plugs on some models, but centre and side stands can be retained. The exhausts cost £417.60 with a road legal baffle fitted (race baffles are available, in bare finish only, for £40.68), plus delivery. All from 01926 832345 or

Sammy Miller Run

Although a sprinkling of rain dampened the tarmac, riders on this summer’s Sammy Miller Run enjoyed a dry ride for 56 miles through the New Forest with sunshine welcoming them back to the Miller Museum after lunch. Riders had travelled from all over the country to attend, including Mervyn Hutton, the winner of the Long Distance award who clocked up 194 miles on a 1968 Honda from Ipswich.

Are we having fun yet? You can't miss it.

As usual the range of bikes entered was extremely impressive with examples from every decade from the early 1920s right through to 1980. Half a dozen awards were presented, with James Devereux taking the top prize with his 1931 Ariel while other interesting machines included a 1928 Norton, a 1974 Rickman Metisse and a three-wheeled BSA from the 1920s.

The , Bashley Tea Rooms and the gift and craft shops are always open at weekends for spectators to enjoy, and the Museum hosts a range of club events, autojumbles and open days throughout the year.


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