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We have new books about old bikes and old books about old bikes coming out of our ears. Oh, and the chance to grab a signed copy of the original Daisy’s Diaries…

Due to public demand (it’s not often you can say that with a straight face, but in this instance it’s entirely true), Graham Ham’s original book, Daisy’s Diaries, is once again available as a proper printed paper publication. You can also buy an updated version on all popular formats, but if you’d rather treat yourself to a ‘real’ book then the original 2005 hardback has been re-issued by Panther Publishing at £17.95. What’s more, we have some very special copies available for RC readers.

This 186-page book includes 16 colour illustrations and tells of Graham’s initial adventure, giving up the day job, buying an old bike and riding off into the sunset on a 1948 Triumph Speed Twin. It follows Graham’s learning curve as he rode 5000 miles to win the Landmark Challenge, armed with little more than a compass from a Christmas cracker, a dysfunctional map and a random selection of the wrong tools…

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You can order a copy of Daisy’s Diaries from – or stop by the RC Roadshow at the South of England Show at Ardingly in March, where we will have a very few copies for sale, each individually signed by the author.

Road Kill: a two-wheeled thriller

Author Zoë Sharp is a lifelong motorcycle rider – her PR pics show her proudly perched aboard her own Street Triple. So inevitably bikes crop up in her long running series which features heroine-bodyguard Charlie Fox, and the whole plot of Road Kill revolves around a bike crash and the subsequent infiltration of a group of dare-devil backstreet racers. It’s fast-paced action adventure with more than a tip of the lid to the two-wheeled theme – just don’t expect the Suzuki to come through all of the escapades unscathed…

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Road Kill is available in and from Amazon.

Overland To Egypt

We’ve , but RC regular Roy Workman has just enjoyed ‘Overland To Egypt’ by Gordon G May, and says… this is essentially two stories in one book. The bike used was a 1952 model BSA Bantam. This was originally fitted with a 125cc engine; however for safety the machine was modified by fitting a later 175cc engine, in order to give the bike a little extra speed to help it keep up with modern-day traffic.

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Firstly, the book relates to Gordon’s failed attempt to reach Egypt when the little Bantam died in the top end of Italy. However, undeterred, several months later, Gordon set out again, and this time he was successful. Whilst travelling through Tunisia and Libya, on the way to Egypt, the bike suffered because of the extreme heat. Gordon got proficient at fixing the machine, and luckily he met some very helpful people en route.

Bantams on Now…

He visited several interesting places on his journey such as Petra. Between 10BC and 40AD this town had a population of roughly 30,000, including hydraulic engineers who created dams, channels and reservoirs to protect the town from annual floods, and all this without the aid of computers!

This book is a really good read. My edition is a soft-covered, illustrated A5 size and it is a tribute to Gordon and his determination to get the little Bantam through. Gordon can often be found selling products and books at classic motorcycle shows, or his books are available at

Sex, Death and Motorcycles

Roger Hicks has written over 50 books, a fair few of them non-fiction titles about motorcycles and motorcycling. This one is a little different: it’s a collection of 14 short stories based loosely around the title theme. In one story you get all three aspects (sex, death and motorcycles), while in the majority two of the topics overlap (sex and motorcycles; sex and death, you get the picture), and a couple feature just one of the themes.

In paper format this is a pocketbook collection, ideal for dipping into when you need a half-hour’s entertainment. As the blurb warns, while there is probably something in this collection to suit most tastes, there’s also almost certainly something to offend almost everyone as well. You’ve been warned!

Sex, Death and Motorcycles by Roger Hicks is available as an or from Amazon.

The Triumph Tiger Cub Bible: updated

Mike Estall’s definitive history of the Cub has been revised and reissued as a hardback and ebook after being unavailable for some time. It’s far from cheap, but that reflects the fact that this is the most extensive source of accurate information about Cub and Terriers you’ll find.

Mike has distilled his lifetime of experience and knowledge into a comprehensive reference book which covers every aspect of Turner’s tiny giants, and includes 22 detailed model profiles, delivery details, technical design specifications, military, police and competition bikes, plus the full story behind the model’s production run. If you need any facts to help with a rebuild or restoration then here is where you’ll find them, including information on the technical and design specifications of engine and transmission components, lubrication, fuel and electrical systems.

The Tiger Cub Bible includes more than 200 photos, diagrams and illustrations, and runs to over 200 pages as a large format hardback. ISBN 978-904788-09-6; or publishers .

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