The Banquer Superior

Do you fancy something like a Brough Superior for the new millennium? Darren Vickers knows a man who’ll build you one, at a price, of course…

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A Banquer Superior? Surely he means a Brough Superior, I hear you ask.

But no, the Banquer Superior is a brand new motorcycle with all the style and panache of a Brough Superior, albeit with a modern engine, brakes and electronics.

The builder is Florida-based Gwen Banquer, motorcycle restorer and self-taught engineer.
That grass needs a bit of watering...

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Starting with a picture of a Brough Superior SS100, Gwen started the project off with a frame made by the Milwaukee Iron Company and a brand new Harley-Davidson 1340 evolution engine.

With the engine sitting in the frame, along with a Revtech 5-speed gearbox Gwen started looking for a set of Springer forks in the style of the Brough’s ‘Castle’ type forks. In the end, he settled on forks made by the American company Paughco. After speaking to Gwen they agreed to sell him a set of unchromed Springers that he could modify to get the ‘Castle’ look.

The wheel and tyre sizes were kept almost the same as those fitted to the original Brough Superiors and were fitted with Avon Speedmasters.

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Gwen has built two Banquer Superiors now; an 80ci Harley-Davidson Evolution motor powers the first Banquer Superior. The second bike is powered by a 100ci, 100hp Revtech motor. Both drive through Revtech 5-speed gearboxes.

The most obviously Harley view of the bike, but still with a 'Vintage' air...

Gwen says; ‘The power to weight ratio is very favourable at 490lbs wet and produces snappy, bordering on outrageous performance. I must tell you that this is the most fun motorcycle that I have ever ridden. The feel is very long, low and lean and with the 69-inch wheelbase and 27-degree rake, the handling is extremely stable yet very nimble and quick steering at low speeds.

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‘This motorcycle feels like one of those special machines from the distant past which riders reminisce about and collectors lust after. A great part of the experience, in my opinion, is walking up to the bike, throwing a leg over and sitting on this slightly stiff Lycette saddle and gazing at the abundance of chrome and glistening black hardware, which you feel you’ve just become a part of.

You can't beat a good mudguard valence...

‘I currently have the frame, forks and several assorted bits in my shop awaiting the creation of Banquer Superior No3. I only await an order from my next customer. I built No1 in only one month from initial design through to final completion and the first drive. I now offer an 8 to 12 week delivery time for each of my Banquer Superiors.’

Old meets new in a tidy manner.All in all, it’s something a little different to all the other Harley customs out there!

If you fancy buying a Banquer Superior it will cost you approximately $36,000 depending on your individual customer requirements; remember that every Banquer Superior is a hand-built custom motorcycle.

People To Speak To

Gwen Banquer

2431 Se Morningside Blvd

Port St Lucie, Fl 34952

001 (772)335-1917

I admit, I had to look twice.

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