The Dragon Rally

  Only the boldest and the bravest motorcyclists face winter’s worst weather to participate in the annual Dragon Rally. The ride itself to Snowdonia can be something of a challenge on two wheels – andContinue reading

BMW F650

BMW’s original Funduro, soon to celebrate its quarter-century, is one of the firm’s most successful models. Some 50,000 of the original four-valve dual-plug five-speed 650 singles were built in partnership with Rotax and Aprilia inContinue reading

DKW and MZ motorcycles

We frequently find all manner of interesting artefacts while rummaging around in the RC RChive, including factory adverts, original artwork and some stunning bike brochures. We cram as many of them into the magazine asContinue reading

February magazine: out now!

  RC154 offers our usual eclectic mix of classic motorcycling, from pioneer British bikes at the turn of the 20th century to Japanese and Italian classics from eight decades later. You won’t find the monthlyContinue reading

Have a Blast at Bristol

  A certain Brough Superior, previously owned by a certain Mr Lawrence, he of Arabia fame, is the official star of the show at next weekend’s Carole Nash Classic MotorCycle bash at Shepton Mallet. However,Continue reading

Springfields Motorbike Show

  We are so lucky here in Lincolnshire to get two great motorcycle shows in January, reckons Roy Workman. This two-day event incorporates modern motorcycles and classic bikes alongside celebrity riders, accessories, clubs and theContinue reading

Frank’s Famous Last Words, #42

  Despite inhabiting a world of perpetual ups and downs, they keep our wheels going round and around. Pistons, says Frank Westworth, are the unsung heroes of the classic biking world. For some arcane reasonContinue reading